Answering Your Top 10 Questions About The Benefits of GAINSWave® Therapy

If you’re considering the benefits of GAINSWave® therapy, you likely have questions about what the treatment involves, how it feels, and whether it’s the right choice for you. 

Many individuals exploring GAINSWave may be experiencing frustration with ongoing issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or Peyronie’s disease. Others might be looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance or overcome some of the issues connected with sexual health and aging. 

You may have heard that treatment can enhance sexual performance, yet you’re not quite sure it’s the right choice for you. We understand the sensitive nature, and we’re here to help. To that end, our team at Warrior Medical has put together answers to 10 of the most common questions we get about GAINSWave.

  1. How does GAINSWave work?

GAINSWave utilizes low-intensity sound waves to improve sexual function in men. This non-invasive therapy breaks up plaque in blood vessels, stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, and activates the growth of new nerve tissue in the penis. 

The result is increased blood flow, improved erectile function, and enhanced sensitivity.

  1. What kinds of symptoms will GAINSWave help me solve?

GAINSWave is effective in treating erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, and Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature). It also helps enhance overall sexual performance, leading to better erections, increased sex drive, and peak sexual function.

  1. Does GAINSWave therapy really work?

Yes, GAINSWave therapy is backed by clinical research and is FDA-approved. Many men experience significant improvements in erectile function and sexual performance after a few sessions, with optimal results typically achieved within several weeks.

  1. How much does GAINSWave treatment cost?

The cost for GAINSWave treatments at Warrior Medical Group is $600 per session. We offer bundled savings for multiple treatments: $3000 for 6 sessions and $5000 for 12 sessions. Discounts are available for members of our Direct Primary Care service.

  1. How quickly do I see the results after starting GAINSWave?

Many patients notice improvements after just a few sessions. However, the best results are typically seen within several weeks as the treatment stimulates new blood vessel and nerve tissue growth.

  1. Is GAINSWave just for men?

GAINSWave also has applications for women, known as GAINSWave for Her and FemiWave. These treatments enhance sexual wellness by improving blood flow and sensitivity. For more information, visit our FemiWave page here.

  1. How long does GAINSWave last?

The effects of GAINSWave® therapy can last up to two years, depending on the individual’s overall health and lifestyle. Regular maintenance treatments can help sustain the benefits.

  1. How many GAINSWave treatments are needed?

Typically, a series of 6 to 12 treatments is recommended for optimal results. Each session lasts about 15 to 20 minutes.

  1. Are there any side effects to these treatments?

GAINSWave® is generally safe with minimal side effects. Some patients may experience mild bruising, temporary numbness, or a tingling sensation. More severe complications are rare.

  1. What can I expect during a GAINSWave treatment session?

During a GAINSWave session, you will be comfortably seated or lying down. A numbing cream may be applied to ensure comfort. Our team will use a handheld device to deliver low-intensity sound waves to the penile tissue.  As an outpatient procedure, there’s no downtime and you can return to daily activities after treatment.

Why Warrior Medical’s Direct Primary Care Model Makes This Even More Impactful

At Warrior Medical Group, our Direct Primary Care model ensures better access, care, and outcomes

Our personalized care plans are tailored to your unique needs, focusing on preventive care and wellness. Having a doctor who understands your health holistically allows us to make recommendations that go beyond treating symptoms to addressing root causes. Integrating a treatment like GAINSWave into our comprehensive care approach can significantly enhance your overall health and sexual wellness. Additionally, our availability ensures you get the answers you need when you need them. 

Experience The Benefits of GAINSWave For Yourself

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