Sports medicine for athletes of all ages

We offer comprehensive sports medicine services for individuals of all ages and athletic abilities. Whether you’re a student athlete, a weekend warrior, or an active senior, our skilled physician, we are here to help with the treatment and prevention of injuries, optimal performance, and efficient recovery.

The benefits of an integrated approach to sports medicine

Traditional sports medicine approaches often lack a holistic and integrated approach to care. Many individuals experience fragmented treatment, delayed access to care, and limited emphasis on prevention and overall well-being. We’re committed to a patient-centered approach that integrates sports medicine with our Direct Primary Care model, providing better access, personalized care, and improved outcomes.

Injury Prevention
Our sports medicine services focus on identifying potential risks and implementing preventive strategies to keep you in optimal condition and minimize the likelihood of injuries.
Efficient Recovery
We utilize evidence-based treatments and rehabilitation techniques to expedite your recovery process, helping you get back to your sport safely and efficiently.
Performance Optimization
Our comprehensive approach aims to enhance your athletic performance through personalized training plans, performance assessments, and tailored interventions, allowing you to reach new heights in your sport.

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Sports Medicine FAQ

Yes, our sports medicine services are included in all of our Direct Primary Care plans. 

Sports medicine encompasses the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of a wide range of conditions and injuries related to physical activity. This includes sprains, strains, fractures, joint and muscle injuries, ligament tears, tendonitis, concussions, and more.  

Our sports medicine physician, Dr. Romanoski, is experienced in managing and treating a number of sports-related conditions. 

Sports medicine takes a proactive approach to injury prevention, especially when it is combined with our Direct Primary Care model. Through comprehensive evaluations and assessments, we can identify potential risk factors and areas of weakness.

By implementing personalized prevention strategies, including strength and conditioning exercises, proper technique training, and guidance on warm-up and cool-down routines, we aim to minimize the risk of injuries and optimize your athletic performance.

No, sports medicine is for individuals of all ages and athletic abilities. Whether you’re a student athlete, a recreational sports enthusiast, or someone who simply wants to stay active, our sports medicine services are designed to address your unique needs and support your goals. 

The frequency of visits to a sports medicine physician depends on several factors, such as your individual needs, the nature of your sport or activity, and any existing conditions or injuries. Initially, you may require more frequent visits for evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

Surgery is not always the first or only option for sports-related injuries. In many cases, non-surgical treatments, such as physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises, medication management, and minimally invasive procedures, can effectively address the injury and promote healing. Our sports medicine physician will evaluate your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.